Wir sind ein Kulturverein

Sweet Life Factory. Dogliani Castello 2022.




We have been so lucky to have the Sweet Life Society as Artists in Residence at Dogliani Castello. The whole crew have been working five days intense on the creative phase of the pre-production of the new album in the wonderful Teatro Sacra Famiglia. We are looking forward to hearing their next album when it gets released into the world!


*Sweetlife was born from the artistic encounter between Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini with the musical project The Sweet Life Society. This project, founded in 2008, has developed over the years through paralell work experiences, such as the production of soundtracks for cinema and theater, the production of events, cultural planning, the conception and management of training courses, passing through graphic design up to digital communication and strategy for non-profit organizations and companies.


Sweet Life Factory is a diagonal reality, a container made of multiple professional knowledge that contains artistic, technical and managerial activities within the Factory Vison is to network different languages and different people with an ever-vigiland gace on the social context in which the projects take shape, driven by the concept that adding – where possible – social value to the ideas that are developed, can be a small contribution to improve the world we live in.