We are a cultural association

Quota – piedmontese adventures

If you translate the word “quota” from Italian into English, Google spits out the word share. And while that’s not the official derivation, it fits quite well. Each guest contributes one share to the success of the project. Simply by immersing yourself in the lovable and, in many places, still wonderfully traditional way of life of the Piedmontese, instead of just consuming vacation.

The most valuable contribution consists in the member himself, his passion, his desire to create. His appreciation for the country and its people, craft and kitchen, garden, and cellar.

There are a thousand advisors and guides, but the well-being experienced firsthand, and the joy of a real passion is known to be difficult to describe. That is why Quota started this direct exchange of the country, people, and guests.

Here our guests willingly share their discoveries, be it excellent, tried-and-tested gastronomy, honest agriculture, authentic craft businesses, or exciting wineries.