We are a cultural association


The names are easily explained: QUOTA 495,30 is the elevation above sea level of the very top edge of our garden table, found in the rural garden of our house, Bocciarda. QUOTA 331,10 is the height of our urban version of the table – where the people of the charming cobblestone alleys of Via Giardini in Dogliani meet.

QUOTA 331.10 can be many things: an artist’s studio, a culture club, a writing center or an exhibition space. It’s here that the aesthetic, musical or culinary arts merge – and most importantly, it’s here, where the people who create and appreciate these things come to enjoy them.

Neither the space or how it’s used needs to be defined. More important is that QUOTA 331,10 moves forward, adapting to each group using the space and avolving with their creativity.

A diverse mixture of people from any background or culture can use the space as a common ground to create, exhibit, make contacts and certainly no least, to enjoy.

QUOTA 495,30 is all about life in the countryside, where creative people are also needed. Reviving the landscape’s cultural heritage is a project we have worked on for many years. Today, cultivating the area’s steep slopes is no longer profitable and much of this land unfortunately lies neglected.

QUOTA 495,30 stands for the guests, who for a short period, become landlords at our houses, and it’s the rental income we receive from their holiday stays, which allows us to bring projects to life. It also stands for the friendly wine-growers, who share with us their expertise and time, free of charge and for our incredible circle of friends, and their unlimited source of information on country living.