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Mauro Veglio. La Morra.

Text Jürgen Schmücking

Mauro Veglio and his family live and produce wine in La Morra. Mauro is farming the best pieces of land around La Morra. Arborina lies immediately behind their home. Other wines originate from the vineyards of Castelletto, Gattera and Rocche dell’Annunziata. Anyone coming for a tasting of these wines, even of ones dating back to the exact same year, will likely be surprised at first by the – sometimes radical – differences between them.

Take Castelletto for instance. Its vineyard is located near Monforte, is usually darker than its colleagues, and often reminds of resin and fresh roasted coffee. As opposed to the Arborino, the “wine of the house”, which is a typical pure-blooded Nebbiolo holding a touch of ripe raspberries and juicy cherries. And, if allowed to age some more, it will also embody hints of mint and eucalyptus. But it doesn’t always have to be Barolo. All other reds coming out of Veglio’s wine cellar bring just as much honour to their respective names. Many Austrian wine lovers will be able to spot similarities between their Zweigelt and the local Dolcetto, while the Barbera is basically the result of summing up all things that characterise the region of Piedmont. And his rightful place is on top of the big wooden table in the Bocciarda. Mauro chose to undertake the modern road. Small wooden barrels have no place anymore in the Barolo’s ancient tradition.

Mauro is a silent craftsman. Loud noises are strangers to him, he rather lets his wines speak in their own voice. By the way, his tasting room offers a breath-taking view over the picturesque hillsides of La Morra. It is a place where one is meant to make halt and spend a moment immersed in philosophic thoughts about life itself and wine.

Fraz. Annunziata – Cascina Nuova 50, Borgata Pozzo La Morra
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