We are a cultural association


The forests, meadows, and vineyards around our Bocciarda are steep and difficult to manage. Such projects are financially uninteresting, but the effort is still worth it.

Pinot Nero, Barbera, and Riesling are grown on our small vineyards. It is a project close to our hearts that offers exciting opportunities for our creative winemaker friends Gianfranco Alessandria and Mauro Veglio. They support our cultural association with their know-how, their experience, and their workforce. We want people to come together, network, and work together.

Therefore we would like to invite graphic designers to take care of the packaging of our wines. Every year we look forward to creative people who want to design labels for our wines with joy and passion. In return, we offer a unique network and extraordinary accommodation in the Langhe.

The environment shapes the result, the contact with the people who live and work here. We cooperate every year with like-minded restaurateurs and creatives who share our vision and enthusiasm for unconventional projects for the presentation of the newly designed wines.