We are a cultural association


Pinot nero, Barbera and Riesling are grown on the slopes around our Bocciarda.

The vineyards are farmed organically, with the aim of intervening as little as possible to respect and not disturb the natural balance of the ecosystem.

It is always uncertain how the harvest will turn out. Financially, such projects are usually uninteresting, but the result is something special. Unlike large wineries that can offer their customers consistent quality every year, here you never know how the vintage will turn out. But there is always a lot of passion in the glass.

After the harvest, the grapes go to Enzo Boglietti's old cellar in La Morra, where Dominik Weigand has taken up residence with some other young producers. Dominik studied viticulture and oenology at BOKU Vienna. After years in Austria and New Zealand, he now lives and works in Piedmont. He vinifies our Pinot nero, Riesling and Barbera and also produces his own Barolo.

Every year we look forward to creative people who, as 'artists in residence', passionately design the labels and packaging for our Magnum and Bag in Box editions. In return, we offer a unique network and very special accommodation in the Langhe. The environment shapes the result, as does the contact with the people who live and work here.

For the presentation of the newly designed wines, we cooperate every year with like-minded restaurateurs and creative people who not only share our vision, but also the enthusiasm for unconventional projects.