We are a cultural association


The vineyards are extremely steep and therefore difficult to cultivate. Everything has to be done by hand and forest grows all around, which doesn‘t make the whole thing easier. On the other hand, there are no adjacent vineyards, the soils are lively and healthy and not contaminated. In recent years there have been more and more winemakers in Italy who have dared to undertake such projects. These locations are called ‘Vigni di eroi’ – ‘Vineyards of the Heroes’!
It is always uncertain how the harvest will turn out making projects rarely financially interesting. The attraction is that the results are something special. Unlike large wineries, which can offer their customers consistent quality every year, you never know what the vintage will be like. However, there is always a lot of passion in the glass.
With DOWHATYOULOVE we would like to invite graphic designers to take care of the packaging of our wines. We look forward to creative people who want to design labels for our wines with joy and passion. Those who come as guests, engage in cultural activities, contribute to our project and leave as friends.