We are a cultural association

During your stay you will live in a farmhouse with swimming pool and vineyard. Or live in the narrow winding streets of a romantic medieval town. We have room for friends and lots of family and we’d be pleased if you’d bring your four-legged friends along.

The history.

Our longing to live in the countryside brought us to Italy over 20 years ago. It was a matter of luck that we found each other – we and the house. Furthermore, we also found a bunch of friends and a taste for good wine. And then we found even more houses….

Culinary adventures.

The Langhe is a paradise for lovers of good food. It’s for people, who want to enjoy life – especially for those who appreciate the simple, honest and good things in life. Our rental guests are welcome just about everywhere here and we are more than happy to help connect them with the locals. With the help of our Piedmont friends, there’s practically no request we can’t help you with. You are our guests while you are here and we want you to feel at home.

We’ll reserve you the best table from Piedmont’s legendary restaurants. And the selection is amazingly big. From simple Osterias to elegant gourmet temples, you’ll find just about everything your heart desires. Of course, we’ll let you know where to go for your pre-meal Apero as well as where to still find that after dinner nightcap…

Country and People.

In the region of Langhe, you will find an amazing amount of creative and enterprising people. Many of which are old friends, others we’ve known for years and treasure their courage, their resourcefulness and the consistency of how they live their lives with such conviction. But above all, we are bonded by enthusiasm for what we do: our attention to the countryside, its people, and in addition, to the amazing professionalism that is evident in everyone.

You’ll be amazed. In this area, you won’t be part of mass tourism and the people here are still happy to meet you. You’ll find companies or events here, where you can still meet the owners and organizers. Or at least someone, who has belonged to a team for many years and is still passionate about what he does. There are still no fixed opening hours at many of these places. You ask at the market stall, telephone or email them to find out when you can come by. We know where you can ask and will gladly help you to arrange a meeting.

We are a cultural association!

QUOTA – is the name of our idea workshop, which operates as two very distinct, yet intertwined elements. the urban and the rural. This cultural association attracts a dynamic mix of people. When they meet, creativity takes shape. And with this creativity they want to explore new concepts.

Mostly, they plunge into assorted projects with more enthusiasm than organizational perfection – and have a great deal of fun while working on them.

It’s the rental income which makes all these new adventures possible – and as a guest, these renters become the association’s most important members. Therefore, we would like to keep these people informed of the goings on of our urban QUOTA 331,10 and rural QUOTA 495,30.