The goal in mind
From Roddino, via Seravalle Langhe to “La Coccinella”

Duration: 1h 40min

Lange is known for its sensational food and wine. However, those who only devote themselves to these two Piedmontese draft horses will soon long for some movement. So why not combine both?

From Roddino a beautiful hiking route leads via Baudra to Serravalle Lange. There is the Trattoria La Coccinella. What their owners conjure up here on the plates, is one of the best that Lange has to offer. Classic Piedmontese tradition meets international innovation cuisine. We start at 11 o’clock in Roddino – the goal in mind -, cross the valley  in the direction of Baudra, enjoying  the wonderful view over the Langhe, and then on time to take ‘al pranzo’ in the Coccinella.

After several culinary highlights, the way back starts a bit cumbersome, but the digestive walk is just enough to revive the appetite. A presto!


Johanna Muther studied Photography in Vienna and Zurich. She has been working as a freelancer since 2007 and together with Claudia Breitschmid, founded <jmcb – Kollektiv für visuelle Feldforschung> in 2016. In addition, Johanna is able to put her interest in collaborative work to good use as a community builder at the Impact Hub Zürich and is also active at dream tank BEAM as a project coordinator. With so many doings a pause is needed. A stroke of luck brought Johanna to Piedmont in 2013 – and ever since she returns each year. And each return is like a footbath for the soul.

Robert Büchel landed, after many detours, in the world of sound technology. For more than 10 years, he’s been working as an audio engineer and works, since 2009, at Jingle Jungle Tonstudios in Zurich. Alongside audio productions for TV and film, Robert has created numerous sound designs for snow board movies such as “Chameläon” or “Fruition”. And what else?  Robert‘s punk rock combo „Speedy and the Fuck Offs“ make cellar walls shake since 2004. Besides music, snow and skateboarding or hiking, cooking is his great passion. That the hills of Langhe fit right in, is obvious. And by the way: It’s Robert’s secret exactly how many feel-good recordings of Langhe are already on Swiss TV.